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What shampoo and conditioner would you suggest for me?

I have normal texture, no problems with my hair, plenty of shine, and I only use Tigi and Aveda.What shampoo and conditioner would you suggest for me?
I would fully recommend: Catwalk Oatmeal %26amp; Honey shampoo and conditioner.

great smell, and it leaves hair soft and pretty.What shampoo and conditioner would you suggest for me?
Use Sunsilk, the lighter blue bottle ( I forgot what its called but its meant for hair that doesn't need improvement, just to make sure the hairs stays healthy and how it is )

Good luck ! :)
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  • Herbal essences or aussie which shampoo&conditioner should i get?

    (my hair is dry and damaged from bleaching)

    they are both on sale and both the same price.

    which do you think is better?Herbal essences or aussie which shampoo%26amp;conditioner should i get?
    i love aussie! i think it smells just fine. nothing wrong with the fragrance lol. but herbal essences does smell lovely too.Herbal essences or aussie which shampoo%26amp;conditioner should i get?
    herbal esscences aussie smells horrid

    What is/are your favorite shampoo/conditioner(s)?

    I like Herbal Essences because of their scents.

    I like Tresemm茅 and Garnier Fructis because of the treatment, and Garnier for the natural extracts.

    I like VO5 for the price, and scents.

    I also like Pantene's treatments.

    What's your favorite brand of shampoo?

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks.What is/are your favorite shampoo/conditioner(s)?
    Herbal Essences is just wonderful. They are fragrant and having colour treated hair, they do not dry out the hair. The accompanying conditioner is also superb as I have no tangles after washing which I have found with other products.

    Tresemme is also good. I found Garnier Fructis to leave a film on the hair which makes it limpy.

    Great choices.What is/are your favorite shampoo/conditioner(s)?
    i like pantene pro v =]
    I like Tresemm茅 too
    I buy what ever is on sale.

    It all seems to work the same..
    pantene prov for the special hair color. it smells great and makes your hair nice and soft. DON'T use thermasilk, it makes your hair really sticky and dry and super poofy
    i like head %26amp; soulders. i dont have dandruff (its dandruff shampoo)but it makes my hair soft and gets rid of split ends.
    I use tresemme
    therasilk is great
    The best is a new brand just coming out called Organix. Its got organic active ingredients, is sulfate free so it won't dry out your hair..and the fragrances are absolutely amazing!! Organix should be in stores over the next few weeks. You'll be able to get it at Kroger, Target, Albertsons, Safeway, etc. Its awesome!!!
    i really like suave and pantene. i also like herbal essences.
    Just so you know, Pantene has silicones in it that build up in your hair overtime... you can literally scrape the buildup off with your fingernail. Herbal Essence and Garnier are the most drying shampoos i've ever seen. Tresseme is okay if your in a pinch but I love and favor Redken. Believe it or not salon products are not that much more than store brands and much better quality. I always tell my clients, it's like having a priceless painting (your face) and putting it in a dollar store frame. It doesn't make sense. You should invest more care in your hair. It is one of the first things people see when they look at you and personally, I would never want to be remembered as the girl with yucky hair.
    My mom says always buy the expensive stuff because it works
    tresemme is totally my favoriate. although a little on the pricy side it repairs your hair nicely and keeps it shiny all day. but the fact that it smells nice is an awesome plus!
    I use Nioxin most of the time because it keeps my hair healthy, but I love Thermasilk and the way my hair feels after I use it. With Thermasilk my hair gets split ends way faster.

    Cream of Nature Shampoo %26amp; Conditioner

    Mane 'n Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo %26amp; Deep Moisturizing Conditioner.
    I always buy pantene or Garnier Fructis.
    I love the Thermasilk line of products, especially if you blow dry your hair. It really makes your hair feel silky, smell good, and does not leave a lot of build-up which is very important if you have thin hair like me!!
    I like the Alba products, especially the Hawaiin ones, which have great scents, most especially, the ones that smell like honey due, plumeria and gardenia. They smell sooo good.

    I also like, ergh, love the sexy hair products, which you can only really buy in salons. One of their most convenient, effective, time saving products is the 'Sexy Straight Hair' shampoo, which, once you have blow dried your hair, it is straight.
    Head %26amp; Shoulders
    I love Frederic Fekkai's shampoos %26amp; conditioners, information and review are at:鈥?/a>
    I like Thermasilk.
    dove and brilliant brunette by john freida are awesome
    Pantene is by far the best. It keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Dove works well too though.
    I like anything that smells like the ocean. I also like the Aveeno products, especially their shaving cream.

    What shampoo and conditioner is good for really curly hair?

    My boyfriend is growing out his hair and we're both spanish, but his hair is very different from mine. His hair is super thick with small tight curls. His hair is very dry and I don't know what kind of products to suggest to him.What shampoo and conditioner is good for really curly hair?
    i know people will tell you to use expensive salon products, but i personally have been trying to find a good shampoo for years and have spent 20 dollars or more on shampoo and the best i have ever used it herbal essences hello hydration in the blue bottle. i swear, i can get away with using nothing but this shampoo. no conditioner, no biosilk . and my hair looks and feels great, its incredible. it defines the texture of my hair like nothing else. the key is not to shampoo daily, only every onther day at most.What shampoo and conditioner is good for really curly hair?
    nothing. Your hair shouldnt be washed with shampoo and conditioner. Your hair has natural oils in it to be able to rinse it under water. I haven't washed my hair in years and the hairdressers have said to me its the best hair that they have seen in a long time!
    Anything organic. Try Avalon Organics, or Aubrey Organics. :) Coconut oil rubbed into the roots is very healthy, and also aloe vera all over your hair will keep it soft and silky :)
    Matrix for Curly hair is supposed to be great.
    Try lorel elvive or frizz ease theyre good and ewww thats sick not washing your hair it would smell
    Try herbal essences it's a curl thing (the one in the purple bottle)
    garnier is really good

    What shampoo and conditioner will make my hair grow longer and tame my curls down to waves?

    I just started using Mane N' Tail shampoo and garnier fructis sleek and shine for the conditioner,instead of that shampoo and conditioner what others can i use?What shampoo and conditioner will make my hair grow longer and tame my curls down to waves?

    Try taking a multivitamin

    Use mane %26amp; tail shampoo and conditioner

    Use hot oil treatments

    Eat A balanced diet

    Drink Lots Of Water shampoo and conditioner will make my hair grow longer and tame my curls down to waves?
    I use conditioner instead of shampoo most of the time and i now apply the conditioner or shampoo on top of my head and work it down without messing up the hair and then rinse it.. use paper towel to absorb the moisture and then put gel on the paper towel spread it around and place it on top of my hair for a while then comb it out.. No more crazy curls or frizz...
    If you have black girl hair like me the you really cant tame you hair down, trust me I'd tried, the only thing you can do is get a relaxer in you hair.It makes it wavy and soft. You have to do it every 6 months because your hair will grow and you roots will be curly.
    to boost hair growth take Prenatal vitamins and they will help! a vitamin is not anything special it is simply extracted and concentrated ';food'; so it is safe!

    take Biotin as well and do the following to boost hair growth

    if you take external and internal steps as I have outlined

    There are several ways to promote hair growth

    take vitamin C and B

    take some amino acid pills-hair needs protein to grow

    Take selium to boost immune system

    You should increase protein intake

    Vitamin E And D are great for hair health

    You need lots of vegetables and fruits

    Externally get good hair oil like Mira hair oil

    It will promote faster hair growth-this one is crucial but it is an external application

    this is the site鈥?/a>
    No, Love.

    What You Need To Do Is,

    Clap 3 Times And Say Walalashalong !

    What shampoo and conditioner should I use to get strong and healthy hair?

    My hair is a little bit weak. It seems to be thinning out. I need some type of hair care product that will bring my hair back to its normal strong healthy self. Any suggestions? Thanks!What shampoo and conditioner should I use to get strong and healthy hair?
    you can try garnier fructese but its only good for a while if oyu take it for a long time your hair will get dry. the best for me is aussie and all there productsWhat shampoo and conditioner should I use to get strong and healthy hair?
    The best way to get strong healthy hair is with regular aromatherapy scalp massage treatments. Anyone who wants gorgeous hair should focus on the scalp--as a healthy well nourished scalp is the key to beautiful healthy hair. Aromatherapy scalp massage treatments made with certain essential oils provide energy and nourishment to the follicles and roots. They regulate sebum and ph and they cleanse the scalp of any bacteria, fungus, product build up or pollutants that may inhibit health hair growth. My hair grows super fast and is much more shiny and healthy since I've been using these products. The link below explains how aromatherapy helps grow healthy hair.
    I like garnier fructis color sheild. Even if you don't color your hair it helps repair it a lot and give it shine. I loveee the conditioner too! I use a huge glob every night and my hairs really soft and fluffy :D Hope it helps you! Plus if you have a costco nearby you can get the jumbo bottles for a pretty good price.
    Honey, anything that you get in a salon will be a great improvement over store bought brands. I know that they are a little more expensive, but the results you see and feel will be worth the extra money. We use Biolage products in my salon, and everyone loves the way it makes their hair look and feel. Spend some extra money and your hair will thank you I promise
    I would say not to use chemicals on your hair.Why don't you go for some home remedies. Egg whites, lemon juice, oil massages, reducing stress and diet changes can reduce hair fall and make it healthier. You can find more cheap, effective and natural home remedies for hair loss as well as for healthy hair at…
    cut it short a couple times, then let it grow out again.


    shave it off, once so it will grow better the next time (guaranteed), but i wouldn't think you'd want to.

    besides that, just use organic hair products
    Here are some of my faveorite shampoo's


    -Garnier Fruitis


    -Herbal Essences

    My faveorite one is Aussie
    i used fruintis and it helped so much u shuld try it too theres one call strong and healthy or something similar u shuld try it
    Pantene Restoratives is great

    Pantene seems to work pretty well plus it's recommended by hair stylists.
    Aussie Protect + Soften!!
    Aussie products.
    L'Oreal and Kerastace products are pretty good
    Try Ultra Swim. I know its for competitive swimming but give it a try. My hair is awsome from it.
    I use Garnier Fructis
    Pantene works really well!
    panteian or how ever u spell it haha or herbeal essenses.:)
    my hair is always healthiest when i use pantene
    head and shoulders
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  • What shampoo and conditioner is safe for hair extensions?

    I just got individual strand keratin bonded hair extensions a few days ago. I'm about to wash my hair for the first time, and I need to know a few specific brands of shampoo and conditioners that are safe. I've heard that a de-tangling shampoo is best and not to use anything with alcohol or oil, but I'm having trouble finding anything that meets those standards. Help!What shampoo and conditioner is safe for hair extensions?
    It's ok to use any shampoo + conditioner, and remember not to do the roots because it will make your extensions fall out! I would use one not too cheap but not too expensive :)What shampoo and conditioner is safe for hair extensions?
    shampoos like nexxus, herbal Essence, pantene, head and sholders.
    suave is safe. i used it once.